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Subject:Casual Sex
Time:04:25 pm
Chapter: 6/?

'There's an infinite number of people who want to love me, but I only want to love you. once I saw you I lost all my senses. Give me a chance to show you, to make you fall for me. My lottery top prize is you, and love is the reward. Haha, I got bored and listened to Alan. This song reminds me of us. I really love you, Jae. Please, don't ever leave me.'Collapse )
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Subject:Casual Sex
Time:01:48 pm
Chapter 5: Mirroring my feelings.

"I want you to see me fuck you. How beautiful your face is when you scream my name." Yunho's husky voice ghosted over his face.Collapse )
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Time:11:51 pm

Hyori clasped her hand over her mouth as she witnessed her brother and date kissing.

She had never thought that her brother would cheat on Siwon, especially with his own brother.

But she wasn't mad, more curious than anything.

How had they gotten together?

Did he still love Siwon?

and lastly, why did Yunho kiss her if he was with Jae?

She shook her head and decided she would deal with Jae later.

She walked back to the pizza shop that she had left Siwon at.

She entered the quaint shop and found Siwon on his cell, happily chatting away while stuffing his face with pizza.

She casually walked up, "Hey, I found Jae."

Siwon looked up at her and quickly hung up his phone, his mom would understand.

"Where is he!?" Panic rising in his voice.

"He's outside with Yunho." Before she could say anything else, Siwon had stormed out the restaurant, leaving her behind.

Siwon marched over to the bench where he had left Yunho and sure enough Jaejoong was there.

Siwon watched as Yunho whispered something to Jaejoong, which caused the latter to smile.

He smiled, he was happy his fiance was beginning to warm up to his brother.

He walked over to the pair, "Jae, where did you go?"

Jaejoong jumped at the sound of his boyfriends voice, "Ah, Siwon... I-I wanted to go check on something..." he lied.

Siwon knew he was lying, but didn't press any further.

He walked over to his boyfriend and grabbed his hand, "Are you ready to go home?"

Jaejoong nodded.

"Where's Hyori noona?" Jaejoong asked.

"Right here." Hyori said, causing the three to look over.

"Okay, so we're all here. Ready to go?" Siwon asked. His voice more pleading than usual.

They all nodded in agreement and left the park.


Siwon dropped off Yunho first, since Hyori was going to be staying the night with Jae.

Hyori hadn't missed the loving glance Yunho gave her brother before he exited the car.

(Just how long, Jae?)

Once they got to the house, Jaejoong immediately made a beeline to the bedroom, Hyori quickly followed behind him.

Jaejoong entered his and Siwon's bedroom, only to hear the door shut and lock behind him.

He turned around and was met with his sister giving a disapproving look.

"What's wrong, noona?"

Hyori narrowed her eyes, "How long, Jae?"

Jaejoong's eyes widened in surprise.

(Does she know? Nah..)

"How long what?" He asked carefully.

She rolled her eyes, "How long have you been seeing Yunho behind Siwon's back?"

Jaejoong's jaw fell to the floor, "Uh-um, I have no idea what you're-"

"Shut it, Joongie. I saw you! I saw you both kissing in public!" Her tone rising dramatically.


"So," she began, tone a little more calmer, "How long has this been going on?"

Jaejoong sighed, "Seven months..."

Hyori gasped, "Why, Jae? Is Siwon not good to you?"

Jaejoong shook his head weakly, eyes looking straight at the floor, "No... it's not that. Siwon is wonderful and I'm lucky to have someone so caring. But I am not as in love with him as I once was, understand?" Jaejoong confessed, albeit a bit weakly and shaky.

Hyori nodded her head lazily, "I understand. But do you think it's fair to him, Jae? I mean, the man has bent over backwards for you, and you just go off and fuck his brother?"

Jaejoong winced at the accusation, "Well, not fuck, more like, love. And, it's not fair... but I-"

Hyori put her hand up, indicating him to shut it.

"No. Don't feed me bullshit, Jae. Just tell him the truth or end it with Yunho. Who's more important: a casual fling or the real thing?" With that said, she unlocked the door and walked off, leaving her brother to ponder on his decision.


Jaejoong paced back in forth, his mind toying with his emotions; should he pick Siwon, his first love and fiance, or should he pick Yunho, his boyfriend of seven months.

He sighed and took out his cell phone.

To: Yunnie~
From: Jaejoong~
Hey, are you busy tonight, baby?

To: My Jae
from: Yunnie~
Not at all, sweetie.
What's wrong?

To: Yunnie~
from: Jaejoong~
I just need want to see you.

To: My Jae
from: Yunnie~
Want me to pick you up?

To: Yunnie~
from: Jaejoong~
No. I'll walk.
It isn't too far.

To: My Jae
from: Yunnie~
Alright, baby.
I love you.

Jaejoong slide his phone shut and quickly put on a jacket.

He ran down the stairs, eager to get out the door as soon as possible, but Siwon caught him.

"Hi, baby. Are you going somewhere?" He asked, curiously.

Jaejoong nodded, "Yes, honey. I-I have to go pick up some milk."

Siwon smiled, "Oh, be sure and grab some meat as well."

(I'll grab Yunho's meat.. wait, what?)

Jaejoong shook his head furiously, "Uh-Um... Yeah! Sure. Love you." He kissed Siwon on the cheek.

Siwon smiled and waved as he watched his lover walk out the door, again.

a/n: crappy chapter is crappy! D< don't tell me it's not! :'[ I tried, really I did... I promise the next one will be good!!! <3
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Subject:Casual Sex
Time:09:35 pm
Chapter 3.

"Jae used to run away when we were kids whenever he was in trouble or sad... I never knew his secret hiding spots." Hyori confessed.Collapse )
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Subject:YunJae Gathering in Houston;
Time:11:20 pm

So, girls remember the Houston gathering I was planning?
Well, thanks to xkuroxhimex I've already got some ideas!

She has helped greatly and I thank her so much!
the rest is here! >>Collapse )
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Time:09:54 pm

Whoohoo! I make a chance to win this cd!

Would you also like to try to win this cd?
Check out this post @ kpop_groups
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Subject:I can deal with this. ;D
Time:07:10 pm
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Subject:unf! TOP loves me
Time:12:22 am
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Subject:Korean artist recommendations:
Time:11:05 pm

Like all of you, I love me some DBSK, Big Bang and SHINee!

but, I also look for other good bands. :]

and that's why I'm making this post, because so many good artists go unnoticed.

Speedmotion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hDAF8RSISg&feature=channel

Icon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSpfReS0so0

Sunnyhill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8NR2xwvKEY


I will post more later :]
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Subject:If you love YunJae;
Time:09:38 pm

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